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  • Crutch Description: In-Motion Pro Crutch - Many Sizes Available

    In Motion Pro Crutch Many Sizes Available in Houston TX by Millennial Medical - Crutches For Sale

    he In-Motion Pro is designed to reduce impact on the wrist and underarm reducing nerve damage and carpel tunnel syndrome.
    The In-Motion Pro comes in 3 sizes that can fit any user approximately 4'6" to 7'2".
    They come in 3 different colors (Charcoal Gray, Metallic Blue, and Electric Red) and when purchased direct from Millennial Medical come with a 1 year warranty.

    The spring assist technology absorbs impact and returns it to the user increasing their mobility comfort and significantly reducing the stress on the body.

    Not only does our crutch increase your mobility its folding design makes it easier for those on the go.
    The crutch can easily fit in an overhead bin, trunk, backseat under a restaurant table. ; The folding design allows your crutches to not encumber the work place or any public environment.

    Ergonomics is the science concerned with creating the best 'fit' between people and their tools or environments. Millennial Medical's ergonomic handles create the correct fit by using a slight downward angle to align the bones in the arm and hand. Our correct ergonomic design eliminates the pain caused by incorrectly positioned bones putting pressure on the carpal tunnel area.

    This product has the following features:.
    Spring Assist Technology.
    Articulating Crutch Tips.
    Ergonomic Handles.
    Folding Capability.
    Heavy Duty Construction (500lb user capacity).

    Sizes Available
    Short: 4'6" - 5'-6" (MWD6000).
    Tall: 5'7" - 6'10" (MWD6500).
    Extra Tall: 5'10" - 7'2" (MWD5600).

  • Crutch Specifications: In-Motion Pro Crutch - Many Sizes Available

    * Box Weight (Pair) Approx 6 lbs

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