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  • Eye Massager Description: Vibration and Air Compression Eye Massager

    Vibration Air Compression Eye Massager in Houston TX by Osaki - Eye Massagers For Sale

    Osaki OS-C130 Eye Massager helps relieving tired and strained eyes.
    The vibration will stimulate and loosen tension in the area.
    The Air Compression also helps relieving pressure from the temple and around the eyes.

    7 Preset Massage Progrmas
    Air compression around the eyes and temple
    15 min. Auto timer
    Music capability and comes with head phones
    Invigorating Massage Action
    Variable Speed Control
    Power by Wireless and Charger

  • Eye Massager Specifications: Vibration and Air Compression Eye Massager

    * Weight: 2 LBS
    Package Dimensions: 9.6x9.8x3.9 inches

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