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  • Invacare Full Electric G-Series Bed - Side Rails-350 Lb Cap in Houston TX by Invacare
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  • Hospital Bed Description

    Invacare Full Electric G-Series Bed - Side Rails-350 Lb Cap in Houston TX by Invacare - Hospital Beds For Sale

    Invacare's G-Series beds are the first homecare beds certified to meet the latest standard in patient safety, IEC 60601-2-52.
    The ergonomic bed deck features sturdy metal slat construction to provide greater support for patients lying in the bed while the extended bed height makes it easier for caregivers to tend to patients.
    Package includes G29 full-length bed rails.

    Pendant is ergonomically designed with an extended heavy duty strain relief for increased flexibility.
    Connects on either side of the bed for patient's ease of use.
    Supportive Sleep Surface - The slat deck provides a comfortable sleep surface for patients, reduces wear and tear on the mattress and is simple to clean, allowing for improved infection control.
    Interchangeable Bed Ends - Extensive travel range. Easy to clean and impact resistant.
    Ergonomic head and foot sections with elongated head section for increased patient comfort.

    G-Series Full Electric Hospital Bed Includes:
    1. Full-Electric Hospital Bed Frame with head and footboard.
    2. Full lenght bed rails.

    Side Rails and Mattress are NOT included
    Consider to purchase a Hospital Bed Mattress or Medical Air Mattress and/or Side Rails
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  • Hospital Bed Specifications

    * Range: Travel Range: 15.5"-32"
    * Dimensions: Overall Dimensions: 36" x 88"
    * Deck Dimensions: 36" x 80"
    * Product Weight Capacity: Safe Working Load: 450 lb
    * Patient Weight Capacity: 350 lb
    * Shipping Product Weight: 215 lb.
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    Additional Information
    Invacare Hospital Bed Video (Demonstration Only)

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    * Warranty: 2 years mechanical, 5 years electrica