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  • Jazzy Air Power Chair With Power Elevating Seat   300 Lb Cap in Houston TX by Pride Mobility
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  • Power Wheelchair Description: Jazzy Air Power Chair With Power Elevating Seat - 300 Lb Cap

    Jazzy Air Power Chair With Power Elevating Seat 300 Lb Cap in Houston TX by Pride Mobility - Power Wheelchairs For Sale

    The Jazzy Air is a new era in power mobility.
    It's social mobility. Whether at home, or on the town, the unique appeal of Jazzy Air will elevate your independence and social confidence in style.

    Elevates in just 16 seconds to the primary standing height position allowing quicker access to your environment.

    Safely drives 3.5mph while elevated, enabling you to socialize with others at walking speed.

    Patented Active-Trac suspension provides maximum stability in both elevated and non-elevated positions.

    Achieve 10" of power adjustable seat height in 16 seconds.

    Elevate or lower seat height while on the move with the "Air" button or PG VR2 joystick drive controller.
    Maximum speed up to 3.5 mph (elevated) and 4 mph (non-elevated).
    Mid-Wheel 6 Drive Design with Active-Trac Suspension for enhanced performance and maximum stability (indoor/outdoor).

    Integrated seat and footplate design provides maximum comfort in both elevated and non-elevated positions.

    22.5" turning radius.

    300 lb. weight capacity.

    Per charge range up to 18.4 miles.

    Choice of 16" x 16", 18" x 18" and 20" x 20" contoured high-back reclining sport seat.

    Bright LED marker lights.

    Get More Miles on the Jazzy Air
    Upgrade the batteries from 32 Amp to 40 Amp batteries. You will get an extra 3 miles. Additional Charge: $349.99

  • Power Wheelchair Specifications: Jazzy Air Power Chair With Power Elevating Seat - 300 Lb Cap

    * Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
    * Maximum Speed: Up to 4.0 mph (non-elevated position), Up to 3.5 mph (elevated position)
    * Ground Clearance: 2.42" at footplate, 1.00" at motor bracket
    * Turning Radius: 22.5"
    * Overall Size: Length: 42.23" with foot rigging; 38.6" w/out foot rigging; Width: 23.4" at the wheels; 25.5" with armrests
    * Drive Controller: PG VR2
    * Drive Wheels: 10" flat free
    * Caster Wheels: 6" flat free
    * Suspension Active-Trac w/ Mid-Wheel 6 Technology
    * Range: Up to 15.29 miles w/ U1 batteries; Up to 18.4 miles w/ 40 Ah batteries
    * Component Weights:
    * Base: 225 lbs. w/ U1 batteries; 245 lbs. w/ 40 Ah batteries
    * Batteries: U1-24.5 lbs. 40 Ah-32.2 lbs
    * Drivetrain: Two motor, Mid-Wheel-6 drive
    * Brakes: "Intelligent Braking" (electronic regenerative, disc park brakes)
    * Batteries: (2) 12 V, U1; (2) 40 Ah
    * Battery Charger 3.5 amp, off-board Maximum Allowable Incline: 6 degrees
    * Maximum Angle Capacity: 6 degree
    * Maximum Obstacle: Climbing Ability
    * Lowered Position: 2.2"
    * Elevated Position: 1.8"
    * Warranty:
    * 5 year limited (frame)
    * 13 month limited (electronics)
    * 13 month (drive motors)
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  • Warranty

    * 5-year limited warranty on frame
    * 13-month limited warranty on electronics
    * 13-month limited warranty on drive motor