Rent Invacare Reduced Gap Half Length Bed Rail Pair - Bed Rails Rental in Houston TX

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  • Bed Rails Rental Rates: Invacare Reduced Gap Half-Length Bed Rail(Pair)

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  • Bed Rails Rental Details: Invacare Reduced Gap Half-Length Bed Rail(Pair)

    Rental Details
    1. Technician will deliver, set up, educate and demo the patient on how to use the medical equipment.
    2. Delivery fee includes bed rails delivery, set up and equipment pick up

    This Bed Rail Rental Includes:
    1. One set of bed rails (One for each side of the bed)

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  • Bed Rail Description: Invacare Reduced Gap Half-Length Bed Rail(Pair)

    Bed Rails Rental in South Houston, TX - Rental Bed Rails

    Heavy-duty 1" chrome-plated, welded steel construction.

    All Invacare Bed Rails feature durable chrome-plated, welded steel construction and are designed to withstand heavy-duty use.
    These rails can be installed permanently or semi-permanently on most spring-fabric medical-style beds.
    When properly used, bed rails are some of the most important safety and accident prevention accessories used in the patient room today.

    Heavy-duty 1" chrome-plated, welded steel construction.
    Dual flat-channel crossbraces are secured with wing-nut clamp assemblies (some assembly required).
    For optimal safety and convenience, four half-length rails are recommended (one set for head area and one set for foot area).

  • Bed Rail Specifications: Invacare Reduced Gap Half-Length Bed Rail(Pair)

    * Overall Length: Rail Length: 32"
    * Measurement on flat bed with crossbraces installed as per instruction sheet
    * Overall Height: Rail Height Above Deck Raised: 15"
    * Rail Height Above Deck Lowered: 4.75"
    * Overall Width: Width Between Rails: 36.5"
    * Shipping Product Weight: 23.5 lb
    * Warranty: Limited 2 Years.

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    Additional Information
    1. Get Glossy Sheet
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    3. Get Full Specifications
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