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  • Patient Lifts Rental Details: Reliant Battery Powered Patient Lift w/ Base-450 Lb Cap

    This Patient Lift Rental Includes:
    1. Patient Lift
    2. Patient Sling
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  • Patient Lift Description: Reliant Battery Powered Patient Lift w/ Base-450 Lb Cap

    Patient Lifts Rental in South Houston, TX - Rental Patient Lifts

    Reliant 450 Battery Powered Patient Lift with Low Base 4.5" Base Height-450 Lbs Cap Invacare Reliant lifts were conceived to help reduce the possibility of caregiver back injury and to ensure dignity in patient handling.
    These high-quality lifts are comfortable, reliable and integral tools for staff and caregivers.
    Using the lift for patient handling can help reduce staff injuries, save you money and reinforce safety as a priority in your health care facility.
    Invacare Reliant lifts support up to 450 lbs., making potentially challenging transfers smooth for the resident and the caregiver.
    The high lift range allows easy access to tubs, chairs, commodes, floors and beds (with at least 4.5" under-bed clearance).
    Along with functional and innovative lifts, Invacare also offers facility assessment plans to further aid in your safety management program.
    Our all-encompassing lift system also includes in-service training, videos and an ergonomic safety plan.
    Our goal is to partner with you in lowering costs and protecting your staff from injury.
    The sturdy and practical design of Reliant lifts provides the solution you need for success in your quest to provide safe and effective health care.

    Total pinch-point protection covers all moving parts for added safety.
    Covered base provides protection against wear, dirt and moisture.
    Height range allows lifting from floor and high surfaces.
    Attractive neutral design blends well into any environment.
    Electronic system includes two 24-volt batteries: one for lift, one for battery-charging station; a manual emergency lowering device; and anti-entrapment if boom meets any resistance while lowering.

  • Patient Lift Specifications: Reliant Battery Powered Patient Lift w/ Base-450 Lb Cap

    * Overall Height: 24" - 74"
    * Clearance: 4.5"
    * Base Length: 48"
    * Base Width: Open: 41", Closed: 26.5"
    * Caster Options: Front: 3", Rear: 5"
    * Product Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.
    * Product Weight: 106 lbs.
    * Battery: 24V Rechargeable sealed
    * Charger: Output: 24V DC
    * Power: Audible low battery alarm, Lifts per charge: 150 - 300 (varies with lift range and load).

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