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  • Recliner Lift Chairs Rental Rates: Basic 26" Heavy Duty Recliner Lift Chair-500 Lbs Cap.

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  • Recliner Lift Chairs Rental Details: Basic 26" Heavy Duty Recliner Lift Chair-500 Lbs Cap.

    Recliner Lift Chair Rental Details
    1. Technician will deliver, set up, educate and demo the patient on how to use the medical equipment.
    2. Delivery fee includes equipment delivery, set up and equipment pick up

    Importal Rental Notes:
    1.Delivery is Required for all Reclining Lift Chairs. Delivery & Pick-up Fee Will Apply
    2.The lift chair color on the picture may be different from the one you will be getting
    3.This recliner lift chair rental is offfered in fabric only
    4.All Rental Equipment will remain property of E Care Medical Supplies, LLC

    This Electric Reliner Lift Chair Includes:
    1. Recliner Lift Chair
    2. Recliner Lift Chair Control
    3. Recliner Lift Chair Power Cord

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    * All rental equipment remains the property of E Care Medical Supplies, LLC.

    * A major credit card is required for all rentals, otherwise an equipment rental deposit will be charged.

    * A cancellation fee will be charged for rental cancellation after is booked.

    * If the rental equipment is not returned or lost or damaged beyond repairs, you will be charged the full MSRP amount for the equipment rental.

    * Equipment rentals can not be prorated, refunded or exchanged.

  • Recliner Lift Chair Description: Basic 26" Heavy Duty Recliner Lift Chair-500 Lbs Cap.

    Recliner Lift Chairs Rental in South Houston, TX - Rental Recliner Lift Chairs

    The Pride Heritage Line LC-358XL 3-Position Heavy Duty Reclining Lift Chair is a bariatric recliner lift chair that provides unmatched comfort for the larger individual.

    The LC-358XL features increased weight capacity up to 500 pounds, a seat width of 26 inches, a high-density REFLEX Foam in the seat and chaise pad for excellent durability and heavy-duty lift frame to provide comfort and high performance for years to come.

    Equipped with a Dual Motor Sync system, superior design is coupled with exceptional strength.

    The LC-358XL now features a system which works to continually keep the two motors aligned, continuing operation without interruption.

    Traditional dual motor chairs have a tendency for the motors to move at different speeds, forcing them to move out of sync, but the new Dual Motor Sync System has two sensors that detect when a motor extends too far and realigns the motors.

    This new system minimizes the need for service and repairs on the chair and keeps it running smoothly.

    A wide variety of fabric options that make decorating a breeze.

    This plush and welcoming chair provides not only a contemporary appeal but is finely crafted with durable and long-lasting components.

    The lift actuator is heavy-duty without sacrificing a quiet and smooth operation.

    The back is removable with no tools required.

  • Recliner Lift Chair Specifications: Basic 26" Heavy Duty Recliner Lift Chair-500 Lbs Cap.

    * Weight Capacity: 500 lbs. User Height Range: 5'6" - 6'1"
    * Seat to Floor: 20"
    * Seat Depth: 22"
    * Seat Width: 26"
    * Top of Back to Seat: 29"
    * Back Style: Button Back
    * Fully Padded Chaise: Yes
    * Recline Positions: 3-Position
    * Heat & Massage Option: Yes
    * Distance From Wall: 18"
    * Overall Chair Width: 39.5"
    * Chair Weight: 159 lbs. Back Style: Button (Traditional)
    * Upholstery Options: Fabric
    * Upholstery Options: Faux Suede
    * Upholstery Options: Stain Resisting Fabric
    * Upholstery Options: Vinyl
    * Weight Capacity: 500 Lbs
    * Weight: 159 Lbs.

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  • Warranty

    * Lifetime warranty on steel lift frame
    * 7-year prorated warranty