Rent EasySt Sit To St Lift 5000 Series 280 Lbs Capacity - Sit To Stand Lifts Rental in Houston TX

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  • Sit To Stand Lifts Rental Details: EasyStand Sit To Stand Lift 5000 Series- 280 Lbs Capacity

    This Manual Sit To Stand Lifter Rental Includes:
    1. Sit To Stand Lifter

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  • Sit To Stand Lift Description: EasyStand Sit To Stand Lift 5000 Series- 280 Lbs Capacity

    Sit To Stand Lifts Rental in South Houston, TX - Rental Sit To Stand Lifts

    Easy Stand 5000 standing frames are a supportive sit-to-stand patient stander designed to meet the needs of a variety of people.
    Tool-free adjustments and a wide variety of support options make it ideal for multi-user facilities like rehabilitation centers and schools

    Who uses the 5000?
    Individuals from 5' to 6'5'' and up to 280 lbs. Individuals with hip, knee or ankle contractures Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spina Bifida, Stroke & more

    Where would you use this stander?
    Rehabilitation Facilities and Hospitals
    Schools and Educational Settings
    Extended Care Units, Nursing Homes, & Group Homes
    Home and Workplace
    Veterans Hospitals

    How does it work?
    Transfer from the wheelchair to seat
    Position the kneepad and other supports
    Pump actuator handle to desired standing position

    NOTE: The Easy Stand 5000 is no longer available and has been replaced by the Evolv

  • Sit To Stand Lift Specifications: EasyStand Sit To Stand Lift 5000 Series- 280 Lbs Capacity

    * Knee Width (center to center): 9"
    Footprint: 26.5"x33"
    Weight of Basic Unit: 118 lbs
    Frame Color: Black Powder Coat
    Standard Upholstery Color: Graphite Gray
    Black Formed Table Size: 19.5"x20"
    Height Range: 5'0"-6'5"
    Weight Capacity: 280 lbs
    Seat Depth Range (from seat pivot): 18"-24"
    Seat to Foot Plate Range (from seat pivot): 11"-19"
    Seat Height: 19.5"
    Table/Front Pad Depth Range (when standing): 2"-10"
    Table Height Range (from seat pivot): 25.5"-35"
    Kneepad Depth Range (from seat pivot): 3"-5"

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