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  • Stand Up Patient Lifts Rental Rates: Manual Stand Aid & Standing Transporter-400 Lb Cap

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  • Stand Up Patient Lifts Rental Details: Manual Stand Aid & Standing Transporter-400 Lb Cap

    This Patient Lift Rental Includes:
    1. Stand Up Patient Lift
    2. Patient Sling
    *** Delivery is Required for the Manual Stand Aid & Standing Transporter

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  • Stand Up Patient Lift Description: Manual Stand Aid & Standing Transporter-400 Lb Cap

    Stand Up Patient Lifts Rental in South Houston, TX - Rental Stand Up Patient Lifts

    Ideal for transfers between seated surfaces.
    Patients must be capable of pulling themselves up to a standing position.
    Once standing, the fold-down seat is used for a comfortable seated ride to the next surface.
    It's quick and easy

    This Lumex Stand Assist is a transport assistance unit that keeps the resident actively engaged in the transport process.
    Users grasp the middle bar and use their own strength to pull themselves up into position.
    A padded split seat swings out to allow loading or unloading, then swings back to form a comfortable and stable transport seat.
    The Stand Assist is a convenient toileting alternative to a wheelchair.

    Note & Additional Information
    Patients qualified to use the Stand Aid should have adequate arm strength to pull themselves upward and enough leg strength to support their own weight.
    Patients who meet these criteria and have difficulty walking will find the Stand Aid a useful and safe transport device.
    The Stand Aid is positioned between a traditional walker and electric stand assist lift in terms of function.
    Once the resident has positioned themselves on board the split seat can easily be placed securely and allow the resident to sit comfortably while a caregiver performs the transport.

    There is no lifting or pivoting action, it is a rigid transporter for patients that can stand.
    The patient must be able to stand up on their own.
    Once standing, you can use this device to transport the patient.
    Once standing, the black pads on the end of the device rotate around the frame and behind the patient to form a seat and prevent the patient from falling backward.

    *** Make sure the patient can use this product since it is NON-RETURNABLE***

  • Stand Up Patient Lift Specifications: Manual Stand Aid & Standing Transporter-400 Lb Cap

    * Weight capacity: 400-lbs
    Maximum width: 25"
    Seat Pad (ea) width: 9"W x 10"L
    Unit weight: 61-lbs
    Overall length: 33.5"
    Overall base width: 25"
    Front base height: 5"

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