Buy U Step II Walking Stabilizer With Laser Guide 375 Lbs Capacity by U-Step - Walkers In Houston TX

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  • Walker Description: U-Step II Walking Stabilizer With Laser Guide-375 Lbs Capacity

    U Step II Walking Stabilizer With Laser Guide 375 Lbs Capacity in Houston TX by U-Step - Walkers For Sale

    The U-Step 2 Walking Stabilizer is a unique and exceptionally well designed rollator created to increase independence and allow users with mobility restrictions to safely and securely navigate their environments. This deluxe walker was specially developed for the unique needs of those with various neurological conditions, including Parkinson's disease, Ataxia, stroke, progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), Multiple Sclerosis, tremors, extreme weakness and other movement disorders..

    Still featuring the patented U-shaped base for unbeatable walker stability, the UStep II provides a solid foundation that supports the user fully as they walk..

    Multiple comfort features on the U-Step 2 include a foam padded adjustable backrest, a spring loaded front wheel for walking safely on uneven surfaces, adjustable-height handles with comfort grips, ergonomically positioned soft-grip brake levers, and a wide and accommodating padded seat for added seating support..

    Newer features unique to U-Step walkers include larger 4" non-marking casters, glow-in-the-dark tabs on the outer frame for low-light visibility, a convenient foot lever for navigating over curbs, and a completely redesigned laser line module for the treatment of freezing episodes (optional)..

    The wide base, innovative Rolling Resistance brake design, compact folding frame and superior adjustability make this walker an exceptional choice for mobility assistance. The rolling resistance braking system requires the user to hold the brakes in order to move, while they are applied when the handles are not in use. This feature gives the U Step 2 Stabilizer unparralelled stability and prevention of accidental slips and falls..

    One of the most well-designed and stable walkers on the market, the U-Step 2 Walking Stabilizer from In-Step Mobility Products, Inc. allows individuals with moderate to severe neurological concerns to safely ambulate and navigate around their homes.

  • Walker Specifications: U-Step II Walking Stabilizer With Laser Guide-375 Lbs Capacity

    * Overall Width: 23"
    * Length: 25"
    * Turning Radius: 29"
    * Height from Floor to Seat: 22"
    * Weight Capacity: 375 lbs
    * Weight: 21 lbs
    * Folded Dimensions: 42" L x 23" W x 10" D
    * Height Adjustment Range: accommodates users from 4'10" - 6'2

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    * 1 year manufacturer's warranty on walker; 6 months manufacturer's warranty on laser ligh