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Knee CPM Machine Rentals in Alvin TX

Are you wondering where to rent knee CPM machines in Alvin TX?
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In addition to knee CPM machine sales, we also offer knee CPM machine rentals in our medical supply store in Alvin, TX.
Knee CPM or Continuous Passive Motion for the knee is a postoperative rehabilitation therapy designed to aid in recovery after joint surgery.

After extensive joint surgery, if a patient fails to move their joint tissue around, the joint will become stiff and scar tissue will form, resulting in a joint with limited range of motion, which often takes months of physical therapy to recover.
While using a Knee CPM device, the patient's joint moves through a controlled range of motion, achieved passively to avoid any muscle engagement around the repaired site.

In other words, a knee CPM machine allows the joint to move without the patient's muscles being used. Knee Continuous Passive Motion devices are used after surgery, both in the hospital and in the home.

Some benefits of using a Knee CPM are: Reduce post-operative pain and swelling, Prevents joint stiffness, Maintain and increase Range of Motion (ROM), Prevent intra-articular adhesions (scar tissue) and extra-articular contractures (shortening of a muscle or tendon)

E Care Medical Supplies only offer top quality, clean and excellent condition Knee CPM machines for rental.
One of our friendly technicians will deliver the knee CPM machine. Once you are done with the knee CPM rental, we will come and pick it up.

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