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  • Bed Rail Description: Carex-Bed-Support-Rail

    Carex Bed Support Rail in Houston TX by Carex - Bed Rails For Sale

    Carex Bedside Support Rail 21" W x 21 1/8" H x 6", Tool Free, Quick, ConvenientCarex Bedside Support Rail allows a person to get in and out of bed easily and safely.
    It's quick, convenient, tool free and easy to assemble.
    Fully adjustable in both height and depth, this under-bed frame adjusts from 34" to 45". Fits Most Bed Sizes

  • Bed Rail Specifications: Carex-Bed-Support-Rail

    * Rail Dimensions: 19.75"W x 13.5"H x 32.75"D
    * Support Leg Height adjustable from 13.5" - 16.5"
    * Total Height 32.75"
    * Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
    * Color: Black and White
    * Material: Steel
    * Product weight: 8.2 lbs.

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