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Stand Up Patient Lift Rentals in Houston TX

While hydaulic and electric stand up patient lifts are extremely beneficial, they also require a sizable investment of money. If you only need a hydraulic or electric stand up patient lift for a temporary situation, or you would simply feel more comfortable avoiding an outright purchase, E Care Medical Supplies has the right solution for you. By renting one of our hydraulic or electric stand up patient lifts, you can improve the level of care you provide for your loved one, as well as cut costs in the long run. Our stand up patinet lifts , also known as stand assist lifts, make transfers and daily activities easier and they help eliminate injury both to the caregiver and to the patient. Our electric and hydraulic stand up patient lifts are lightweight and feature easy disassemble for easy transport and set up. A stand up patient sling is provided with all the patient lift rentals. Stop by our medical supply store in Houston to see first hand one of our stand up patient lifts rentals.
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