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In addition to sales, we also offer bed rail rentals for home care hospital beds and traditional home beds.
This is great for short-term needs to prevent the patient to rollover from the bed on to the floor
You can experience the benefits that our bed rails have to offer first hand by making a trip to our local medical supply store showroom in Houston TX.
We allow you to try out our bed rails in order to determine if it is the right model for your needs.
In addition to bed rail rentals, we also offer hospital bed rentals, bed table rentals, IV pole rentals and much more.
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  • The Full-Length Bed Rails 6629 are designed for enhanced patient protection by covering 55 of sleep surface. These bed rails feature a durable welded steel construction head to foot length and are easy to keep clean. The Full-Length Bed Rails 6629 provide enhanced patient safety by prohibiting dangerous falls out of bed. Additionally these bed rails are durable and built to last with a welded steel construction. Conveniently the bed rails are simple to install and adjustable.

    By: Invacare
    Model #: 6629
  • Fits Most Beds & Extends & Folds

    The EZ Adjust bed support rail is the only bed rail that extends in length for Full-Fall Protection. It can be used as a half-bed rail to get in-and out of bed - and extends to a full-size bed rail at night for full fall protection.. The length is easily adjusted by pushing a button. It folds down out of the way when not in use and comes with a convenient organizer pouch..

    By: Stander
    Model #: STR-8000
  • Recommended At Senior Facilities

    The Halo Safety Ring the only patented institutional bed mobility device that prevents lateral mattress movement and gap space in the most critical zones 1 2 3 4. see pictures below The Halo Safety Ring meets and exceeds the HBSW and FDA s final dimensional guidelines against bed entrapment. The Halo Safety Ring passes the new Bed System Measurement Device pass/fail test that has been approved for Bed System testing by the FDA and state surveying teams. Provides exit points for neck head chest and eliminates the four most critical zones of entrapment. Meets FDA guidelines for patient transfers therapy bedside assistant for both patient transfers therapy. Promotes bed mobility increases environmental independence. Prevents lateral mattress movement and gap space elimination in the most critical zones 1 2 3 4. see pictures below FEATURES AND BENEFITS Promotes bed mobility which can help to prevent skin breakdown. Prevents Zone 1-4 entrapment. Circular design with vertical mounting bar to prevent entrapment and allow for exit points for the neck head and chest. Easy removal for bed side transfers and bed therapy. Easy to install. Meets or exceeds FDA and Hospital Bed Safety Workgroup HBSW alternative dimensional and assessment guidelines established on March 10 2006. Locking mechanism allows for rotation to assist resident exiting bed. 1000 lb. weight capacity. Lifetime Warranty. Weight 10 Lbs. Available in Single or Double Side Mount

    77302Comfort Company
    By: Comfort Company
    Model #: 77302