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  • Bed Rail Description: Invacare Full Length Bed Rail

    Invacare Full Length Bed Rail in Houston TX by Invacare - Bed Rails For Sale

    The Full-Length Bed Rails #6629 are designed for enhanced patient protection by covering 55" of sleep surface.
    These bed rails feature a durable welded steel construction, head to foot length, and are easy to keep clean.

    The Full-Length Bed Rails #6629 provide enhanced patient safety by prohibiting dangerous falls out of bed.
    Additionally, these bed rails are durable and built to last with a welded steel construction.
    Conveniently, the bed rails are simple to install and adjustable.

  • Bed Rail Specifications: Invacare Full Length Bed Rail

    * Durable
    * Easy to clean
    * Hospital bedrails
    * Single piece
    * Full length
    * 55" of sleep surface protection
    * Enhanced patient protection
    * Head to foot length
    * Welded steel construction
    * 7/8" tubing
    * Chrome plated
    * Spring loaded crossbars
    * Bed frame clamp on hardware
    * Adjustable plunger knob
    * Adjustable bedrail height
    * Tool free installation
    * Sold as a pair
    * Overall Length: Rail Length: 55"
    * Measurement on flat bed with crossbraces installed as per instruction sheet
    * Overall Height: Rail Height Above Deck Raised: 14.5"
    * Rail Height Above Deck Lowered: 4.25"
    * Overall Width: Width Between Rails: 36"
    * Shipping Product Weight: 27.5 lb
    * Warranty: 1 Year

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