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When people are confined to bed for innumerable reasons, this lack of mobility and movement inhibits circulation. The constant contact between the body and the mattress creates pressure spots that pinch off the tiny blood vessels, cutting off oxygen and nutrient delivery to the skin. Pressure ulcers form when the skin is deprived of these nutrients repeatedly. Constant friction or rubbing of the mattress against the skin also leads to bedsores, while staying in the same position leads to stretching and the bending of blood vessels which is another culprit. The risks of infection and the formation of pressure ulcers can be greatly reduced by employing a pressure relief mattress or a prevention mattress into the patient's treatment plan. Pressure relief mattresses, prevention mattresses, support surfaces and overlays come in a wide assortment of styles and sizes for each unique patient requirement. E Care Medical Supplies carries a large selection of Hospital Bed Mattresses. You can verify first hand the benefits of the Hospital Bed Mattress by coming to our medical supply store in Houston TX and see if this is the right mattress for you or your loved one.

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