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An otoscope, also know as auriscope, is a medical instrument which is used to examine the interior of the ear.
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  • Plastic otoscope head with three aural small 1.25 mm medium 4.5 mm large 6.0 mm . Reusable specula are sterilizable and autoclavable.

    1227-1Graham Field
    By: Graham Field
    Model #: 1227-1
    Availability: In Stock
    MSRP: $ 299.69
  • Premium Otoscope has chrome-plated head designed with integral and swivel lens. 5 inter-changeable bayonet-catch aural specula 1 each of Pediatric Medium Large 2 Small. Sterilizable and autoclavable. Made in United Kingdom.

    1224Graham Field
    By: Graham Field
    Model #: 1224
    Availability: In Stock
    MSRP: $ 349.69