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  • 42 Full Electric Heavy Duty Hosp Bed(Bed Frame Only)-600 Lb Cap in Houston TX by Invacare
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  • Hospital Bed Description

    42 Full Electric Heavy Duty Hosp Bed(Bed Frame Only)-600 Lb Cap in Houston TX by Invacare - Hospital Beds For Sale

    Invacare Heavy Duty Full Electric Hospital Bed and Home Care Bariatric Bed.

    The Invacare Bariatric Hospital Bed is a heavy-duty full electric bed frame designed for bariatric individuals, capable of supporting up to 600 pounds.

    The bed frame extends to the edges of the bed deck for better support.

    Using the hand pendant, the client or caregiver is able to change the positioning of the head and foot sections, as well as the bed height.

    And, even though this is a substantial bed, setup within the home is easy Heavy-Duty frame design ensures added strength for client support No special tools necessary for in-home setup 600-pound client weight capacity Heavy-duty bed sleep surface is 17% larger than standard beds to ensure comfortable positioning Split-spring design with removable bed ends for ease in setup.

    Hospital Bed Includes:
    1. Full-Electric Bariatric Hospital Bed Frame.
    2. Hospital Bed Motor.

    Side Rails and Mattress are not included
    Consider to purchase a Hospital Bed Mattress or Medical Air Mattress and/or Side Rails
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  • Hospital Bed Specifications

    * Product Weight Capacity: 600 pounds
    * Bed Height: Floor to Bed Deck: min. 14" - max. 22"
    * Dimensions: Sleep Surface: 80"L x 42"W X 14"-22"(H)
    * Shipping weight: 80 pounds
    * Warranty: 5 Years Welds/Frame/Structure, 1 Year Mechanical/Electrical.
  • More Information

    This Bariatric Hospital Bed includes the Bariatric Hospital Bed Frame only
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  • Warranty

    * Warranty: Mechanical / Electrical: 1 Year Frame / Structure: 5 Years All Welds: Lifetime HCPC:E030