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  • Acupunctur Description: Anti Aging Acupuncture Euro Mat

    Anti Aging Acupuncture Euro Mat in Houston TX by Euro Mat - Acupuncture For Sale

    The Euromat is the premier acupressure mat currently available on the market.
    Unlike most acupressure mats on the market the Euromat is:.
    Comfortable: Larger 40 by 60cm surface area means the whole back can fit easily.
    Contours: Award winning memory foam to contour to your shape.
    Non Toxic: Using a unique bonding system so no toxic glues are needed and using long lasting food grade plastic not cheap UV sensitive ABS plastic.
    Convenient: Unique Velcro straps to easily apply the mat to knees, elbows and limbs and for easy storage.
    Ethical: All materials are sourced and manufactured in Europe and the mats are recognised under the ‘confidence in textiles' certification.
    Acupressure Mats have been shown to be able to benefit low energy, poor sleeping, stress, muscle tension and reduce pain..
    Available in Purple only!.

  • Acupunctur Specifications: Anti Aging Acupuncture Euro Mat

    * 42cm by 65cm area
    * 6534 food grade plastic spikes Non-Allergenic dye Plastic spikes molded on avoiding the use of potentially toxic glue Velcro straps for ease of use High grade viscoelastic memory foam
    * 'Confidence in textiles' certification Materials sourced and hand-made in the EU

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