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Medical Air Mattress Rental in Houston TX

Alternating Pressure Mattress or APM's are mattresses designed to prevent, treat and manage pressure ulcers or bedsores in patients. Alternating air mattresses are commonly known as Inflatable mattress, medical air mattress or air loss mattress system.

In alternating mode, the alternating pressure mattress air cells inflates and deflates at adjustable intervals, which redistributes the pressure against the skin to promote capillary circulation. Alternating pressure therapy uses pressure redistribution that stimulates blood flow to the skin. This alternating pressure therapy is defined in cycle times. The less time between cycles allows for more blood flow to reach the skin to relieve painful pressure points healing bed sores. Some of the best alternating pressure mattress systems offer adjustable cycle times.

In addition to these alternating pressure mattress rentals, we also offer hospital bed rentals, couch cane rentals, wheelchair rentals and much more.

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