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  • Oxygen Concentrators Rental Rates: Battery Pack for Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator

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  • Oxygen Concentrators Rental Details: Battery Pack for Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator

    Rental Details
    1. Technician will deliver and set up the medical equipment.
    2. Delivery fee includes the oxygen concentrator delivery, set up and equipment pick up
    3. This oxygen concentrator comes with one battery which last approximately 4 hours at pulse setting 1
    4. Presciption is Required to rent any oxygen concentrator

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    * A cancellation fee will be charged for rental cancellation after is booked.

    * If the rental equipment is not returned or lost or damaged beyond repairs, you will be charged the full MSRP amount for the equipment rental.

    * Equipment rentals can not be prorated, refunded or exchanged.

  • Oxygen Concentrator Description: Battery Pack for Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator

    Oxygen Concentrators Rental in South Houston, TX - Rental Oxygen Concentrators

    Provides up to 5 hours of extra run time (pulse setting 1) with the Invacare Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator.
    This lightweight, 15.9 oz. supplemental battery pack for the Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator extends battery time by 4 hours and can easily be recharged with the optional desktop battery charger (POC1-115), or when connected to the Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator.
    Hot swap batteries without removing the unit from the bag or turning off the unit
    Easily see battery charge levels with built-in visual indicator
    Get 10% OFF this portable battery pack when you purchase with a XPO2 Concentrator

  • Oxygen Concentrator Specifications: Battery Pack for Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator

    * Product Weight: 15.9 oz.
    Battery: Battery Duration: Up to 5 hours (Pulse Setting 1)
    Warranty: Limited Warranty: 1 Year

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    Other Information
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