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  • Backjoy Cushion Bath Seat - Slip Resistant in Houston TX by Backjoy
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  • Bath Cushion Description

    Backjoy Cushion Bath Seat - Slip Resistant in Houston TX by Backjoy - Bath Cushions For Sale

    Noy enjoy taking a long bathe on a comfortable and slip resistant bath seat and cushion by Backjoy

    The perfect companion to any bathing bench, chair or surface, the Bath Seat was deveoped to reduce the body's natural pressure points by evenly distributing weight and providing cushioning and comfort to hard bathing surfaces.
    Made of closed cell EVA material, the seat is waterproof and slip-resistant.

    Relieve back pain and sit in comfort
    Waterproof and washable design
    Distributes weight evenly to prevent sores and increase blood flow
    Works on any bath bench or surface
    The only seat cushion endorsed by the International Chiropractor's Association

  • Bath Cushion Specifications

    * Size: 18"x 11"
    Made of durable closed cell EVA foam
    Comfortable contoured surface
    Meets CAL 117 requirements
    Waterproof and heat-resistant up to 158F / 70C
    Utilizes innovative and patented port + pillar design
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