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  • Bed Caddi Description: Bed Caddie Strap System

    Bed Caddie Strap System in Houston TX by Stander - Bed Caddies For Sale

    The BedCaddie offers a helping hand to a sitting position in bed. Ladder-like design makes sitting up easy.

    Attaches to any bed frame.
    Made of sturdy nylon and adjusts in length.
    Features an ergonomic cushioned, no-slip rubber grip and installs and removes in seconds.
    No tools required!.

  • Bed Caddi Specifications: Bed Caddie Strap System

    * Strap length: adjustable up to 45 inches
    * Grip Length: 36 inches Handle Grip: 5 inches Weight capacity: 300 pounds
    * Weight of caddie: 2 pounds; Package Dimensions: 10 inches x 9 inches x 2 inches

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