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  • Bed Rail Description: Bed Rail Advantage-400 Lbs Capacity

    Bed Rail Advantage 400 Lbs Capacity in Houston TX by Stander - Bed Rails For Sale

    The most portable bed rail on the market! Requires no assembly.
    Weighs only 7lbs, folds for travel and even fits in a suit case.
    Features a cushioned foam grip that is easy to sanitize. The rail is 17" wide and 22" high to accommodate thicker pillow top mattresses.
    Attaches to any size home or hospital bed frame with included safety strap.
    Includes 4-pocket Bed Rail organizer for keeping handy items close by.

  • Bed Rail Specifications: Bed Rail Advantage-400 Lbs Capacity

    * Rail Height: 22"
    * Rail Width: 17"
    * Base Dimensions: 21" x 17"
    * Weight of product: 8lbs
    * Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
    * Made for Bed Type: Attaches to any home or hospital bed with included Safety Strap
    * Package Dimensions: 23" x 18" x 2" Case Dimensions: 4/case, 23" x 18" x 8" 34lbs.

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