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  • Adjustable Full Electric Hospital Bed Pck(Best Seller)-350Lb Cap in Houston TX by Invacare
  • Model #: 5410IVC,5080,6630
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  • Hospital Bed Description

    Adjustable Full Electric Hospital Bed Pck(Best Seller)-350Lb Cap in Houston TX by Invacare - Hospital Beds For Sale

    Invacare Full Electric Hospital Bed & Home Care Bed Package including mattress and side rails.

    Invacare Home Care Beds deliver long-term savings over the lifecycle of the bed.

    The beds are durable and washable, reducing repair and cleaning costs, while their interchangeability reduces inventory.

    All of the home care bed features have been designed to make the bed easier to deliver, set up, clean and maintain.

    5410IVC Full-Electric Bed.

    New 5180 Home Care Foam Mattress.

    6630 Side Rails.

    Get $75 credit towards the upgrade of any Hospital Bed Mattress or Medical Air Mattress
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  • Hospital Bed Specifications

    * Bed Height: 15 inches min. - 23 inches max. (Measurement from floor to bed deck.)
    * Dimensions: Overall: 36" W x 88" L
    * Sleep Surface: 36" W x 80" L
    * Product Weight Capacity: 350 lbs. patient weight
    * 450 lbs. inclusive of all accessories;
  • More Information

    Bed Package Includes:
    1. Full Electric Bed Frame (5410IVC)
    2. Hospital Bed Foam Mattress (5180)
    3. Half Length Side Rails (6630)

    Purchase Suggestions:
    1. Make sure to buy a 3 Piece Bedding Sheets
    3 Piece Bedding Sheets
    2. Buy the Washable Underpads
    Washable Underpads
    3. Purchase the Bed Side Overbed Table
    Overbed Table
    4. Purchase the Trapeze Bar
    Trapeze Bar
    5. Purchase the Alternating Pressure Mattress
    Alternating Pressure Mattress

    Additional Information
    Invacare Hospital Bed Video (Demonstration Only)

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  • Warranty

    * Warranty: All Welds: 5 years Mechanical/electrical: 2 year