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  • TheraPearl Hot - Cold Therapy Full Face Mask in Houston TX by Therapearl
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  • Hot and Col Description

    TheraPearl Hot - Cold Therapy Full Face Mask in Houston TX by Therapearl - Hot and Cold For Sale

    Hot & Cold Therapy Full Face Mask Theraperal.

    Migraines, sinus infections and cosmetic procedures can leave your face throbbing and your skin tender.
    THERAPEARL's full-face mask covers it all, so you get instant pain relief from forehead to chin.
    The oversized round has openings for eyes, nose and mouth, and a fully adjustable Velcro strap that holds it comfortably in place.
    Heat it to open clogged sinuses, chill it to soothe tender skin, or make it part of your facial routine. You'll find dozens of uses for it.
    Just put it on, relax and let the revolutionary gel beads go to work.
    Chill it in the fridge or freezer for analgesic cold, or pop it in the microwave for penetrating heat.
    The pack holds its therapeutic temperature for a full 20 minutes so you get fast, effective relief.

    Always test pack temperature prior to application.
    Overheating or prolonged application may cause injury to person, including burns.
    For external use only.
    Do not use on infants.
    Do not puncture pack and/or ingest contents.
    Do not apply to sensitive skin, insensitive skin or open wounds.
    Do not use for purposes other than intended.
    Do not fall asleep using pack.
    Use only under adult supervision.
    Heating beyond suggested time may damage or destroy TheraPearl pack.
    For extreme, prolonged, or chronic pain, contact a physician.
  • Hot and Col Specifications

    * Will fit most faces. 8" H x 9" W.
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