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Hospital Bed Rentals For Home Use or Nursing Facility in Houston TX

Are you wondering where to rent a hospital bed in Houston TX?
E Care Medical Supplies offers hospital bed rentals in Houston!

While we boast the most reasonable prices on all our medical supplies, purchasing a whole homecare hospital bed can still be costly. If you or a family member is suffering from a temporary medical issue, then a hospital bed rental for home use may be your best option!

Our hospital bed rentals inventory includes full electric, semi electric and bariatric hospital beds. Our hospital beds rental also come in standard size, extra long size or extra wide.

We rent these specialized hospital beds, as well as a range of other large medical equipment options, to residents in our immediate community and the surrounding areas in Houston, TX.

We are the leader in Hospital bed rentals in Houston TX. We only offer top quality, clean and excellent condition hospital bed rentals.

All of our Hospital Bed Rentals come with side rails and a top quality hospital grade therapeutic mattress (Solace Prevention Mattress ). One of our friendly technicians will deliver, install and demonstrate the hospital bed operations for you. Once you are done with the rental, we will come and pick it up.

We can even help furnish your hospital bed with necessary accessories, such as bed rails, over bed tables, transfer trapezes, bedding sheets and self-adjusting pillows.
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