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Hospital Beds Rental Reservation Request

Can you make a reservation for hospital beds to rent?
Yes, you can! Whether you need to rent any of our hospital beds for a week, a month or even longer, E Care Medical Supplies have you covered. E Care Medical Supplies offers hospital beds rentals for short or long term rental periods.
Use our online rental reservation request online tool below and make a rental reservation request today!

How Much Do Hospital Beds Rentals Cost?

Hospital Beds prices vary depending on the time length you will be needing one.
The hospital beds rental prices breakdown are as follow:

ImageHospital Beds RentalsWeekly RateMonthly Rate
semi-electric-hospital-bed-packg-dual-motor-350-lb-capSemi Electric Hospital Bed Packg With ...$145 $205
adjustable-full-electric-hospital-bed-pckbest-seller-350lb-capAdjustable Full Electric Hospital Bed ...$165 $255
hi-lo-full-electric-home-care-hospital-bed-pckg-350-lb-capHi-Lo Full Electric Home Care Hospital ...$185 $290
xlong-full-elect-hospital-bed-package84-bed-frame-350-lb-capXLong Full Elect. Hospital Bed ...$190 $295
hi-lo-xlong-full-elect-hospital-bed-pckg84-frame-350-lb-capHi-Lo XLong Full Elect Hospital Bed ...$205 $325
42-invacare-full-electric-bariatric-bed-pckg-600-lbs-cap42" Invacare Full Electric Bariatric ...$305 $455
48-heavy-duty-bariatric-hospital-bed-package-750-lb-cap48" Heavy Duty Bariatric Hospital Bed ...$465 $705

Adjustable Full Electric Hospital Bed Pck(Best Seller)-350Lb Cap Rental Reservation Request

Category: Hospital Beds Rentals
Name: Adjustable Full Electric Hospital Bed Pck(Best Seller)-350Lb Cap
Manufacturer: Invacare
Rental Price: $165.00(per week); $255.00(per month)
Description: Invacare Full Electric Hospital Bed Home Care Bed Package including mattress and side rails. Invacare Home Care Beds deliver long-term savings over the lifecycle of the bed. The beds are durable and washable reducing repair and cleaning costs while their interchangeability reduces inventory. All of the home care bed features have been designed to make the bed easier to deliver set up clean and maintain. 5410IVC Full-Electric Bed. New Home Care Economy Mattress. Side Rails. WOULD YOU LIKE TO UPGRADE TO A BETTER MATTRESS WITH YOUR PURCHASE Get 75 credit towards the upgrade of any Hospital Bed Mattress or Medical Air Mattress Call Us for Details 713.695.4939

How Do Hospital Beds Reservations Requests Work?

Making a rental reservation request for one of our hospital beds is very easy.

1. Start by filling out the form below and submitting it.
2. We will call you within the next business to ask for your credit card information (major credit cards only).
3. We will book your rental request for the day and time you requested.
4. That's it! You are done setting up your rental reservation.

I Made a Rental Reservation...What Do I Do Next?

Congratulations in completing the first step on renting one of our hospital beds.
At this point there is not much for you to do, but just wait for the day to get your rental equipment via delivery (if you requested delivery) or store pick up (if equipment is available for store pick-up).
If there are any changes to your rental reservation dates or if you desire to add other rentals or realize that you would like to purchase our medical supplies, we can add it to the order at not additional charge. Once the rental reservation day arrives, we will deliver the equipment(s) requested or you can pick it up.

What Should I Expect The Day Of The Rental Reservation?

The rental reservation day has arrived! Now what?...

If you are PICKING UP one of our hospital beds then...
1. Bring a valid ID along with a major credit card (non debit card). If you don't have a major credit card, then a deposit will be required.
2. Read and sign the rental contract agreement.
3. We will show the use of the medical equipment and answer any questions you may have.
4. We will help you to load the equipment into your vehicle.
5. That's it!. You are ready to use the medical equipment.

If we are DELIVERING up one of our hospital beds then...
1. One of our friendly technicians will call you within the chosen set up time before he is on route to you.
2. At arrival, the delivery technician(s) will install (if installation is required) or drop off the equipment at a room of your choice. Please Note: The technician(s) is/are not allow the move things in the room, so please make sure the space free and clear and there is enough room for installation before the technician(s) arrive(s).
3. The technician(s) will show the use of the equipment (if applicable).
4. Sign all required paperwork. You can ask the technician(s) any questions regarding the equipment. If he is unable to answer your questions, please call the store and we will help you.
5. That's it. You are ready to use the medical equipment.

I Need The Rental a Little Longer... What Do I Do?

1. Give us a call (713) 695-4939.
2. Let us know if you would like to extend the medical equipment for a week or a month.
3. We will charge your credit card on file, or you can provide a new one.
4. We will send the rental extension confirmation.
5. That's it! You medical equipment has been extended.

I Am Done With The Rental... What Do I Do Now?

You are not longer in need of the medical equipment and you are ready to return it, then read the following steps...

If you PICKED UP one of our medical equipment then...
1. Bring back the complete medical equipment back to the store, including any applicable accessories such as manual, charger, power cords, etc.
2. Someone at the store will inspect the medical equipment for missing parts.
Please Note: If you forget to bring back any of the accessories included in the rental, you will be charge for the cost of the item(s). You can bring back the item(s) within (3) business days for a full refund, otherwise a partial refund may or may not apply.
3. Get a return medical equipment receipt for your records.
4. That's it!

If we DELIVERED one of our medical equipment then...
1. Call the store at (713) 695-4939 to schedule a pick up for a day and time available.
2. Once the pick up day arrives, one of our friendly technicians will call you within the specified time to let you know he is on route to pick up the medical equipment.
3. At arrival, the technician(s) will inspect the equipment and get it into the E Care Medical Supplies vehicle.
4. You will get a return medical equipment receipt for your records.
5. That's it!

I Need To Cancel My Rental Reservation... How Do I Do That?

We understand that your circumstance might change where you no longer need the medical equipment you have reserved.
If this is the case, give us a call at least 24 hours in advance and we will cancel the reservation.
There will be a rental cancellation fee charge to your credit card. You can use the rental cancellation fee as store credit for a future rental. This is valid for 1 year from the day of the cancellation.

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