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  • Jazzy Elite HD Power Wheelchair 450 Lbs Capacity in Houston TX by Pride Mobility
  • Model #: Jazzy Elite HD
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  • Power Wheelchair Description: Jazzy Elite HD Power Wheelchair-450 Lbs Capacity

    Jazzy Elite HD Power Wheelchair 450 Lbs Capacity in Houston TX by Pride Mobility - Power Wheelchairs For Sale

    Pride's Jazzy Elite HD power wheelchair features blue or red color-through shrouds to protect the shrouds against nicks and scratches.
    It is a heavy duty power chair with 14" flat-free drive wheels that can handle most terrains.

    The Jazzy Elite HD has many seat styles and sizes to choose from. High-back options include durable, black vinyl upholstery and a comfy headrest.
    Seats are depth adjustable on the standard seats, while the Solid Pan Seat option gives you a solid surface for seat cushion.

    Front-wheel drive for excellent maneuverability.
    Designed for weight distribution for superior traction.
    Solid seat pan option.

    Top Speed: 4.20 Mph.
    Turning Radius: 24.00".
    Heaviest Piece: 89 Lbs.
    Battery Charge Distance: 9.80 Miles.
    Weight Capacity: 450 Lbs.
    Weight: 140.5 Lbs.
  • Power Wheelchair Specifications: Jazzy Elite HD Power Wheelchair-450 Lbs Capacity

    * Top Speed: 4.20 mph
    * Turning Radius: 24.00"
    * Ground Clearance: 3.00"
    * Heaviest Piece: 89 lbs
    * Maximum Incline Rating: 6 degrees
    * Battery Charge Distance: 9.80 miles
    * Drive Type: Front Wheel Drive
    * Foldable: Yes
    * Disassembles: No
    * Armrest Options: Height Adjustable/Flip-Back
    * Legrest Options: Footplate/Elevating Legrests/Swing-Away/Legrests
    * Seat Options: Reclining Back/High-Back Seat/Captain's Seat
    * Seat Widths: 18",20",22",24"
    * Seat Depths: 18", 19", 20", 21",22"
    * Maximum Seat to Floor Height: 22"
    * Overall Width: 24.50"
    * Overall Length: 42.5"
    * Joystick Options: Right/Left, Swing-Away
    * Adjustable Hanger Brackets: No
    * Adjustable Angle Footplates: No
    * Dampening Adjustment: No
    * Frame Type: Heavy-duty
    * Batteries: NF-22
    * Batteries Included: Yes
    * Battery Charger Type: Off Board
    * Drive Wheel Size: 14"
    * Anti-Tip Size: 3"
    * Caster Size: 6"
    * Base Weight: 89.00 lbs
    * Standard Seat Weight: 51.50 lbs
    * Battery Pack Weight: 74.00 lbs
    * Weight Without Batteries: 140.50 lbs
    * Controller Type: 60 amp controller
    * Suspension: No
    * Tire Type: Solid
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