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Mobility Transfer Devices in Houston TX

Stand Up Patient lifts are an integral part of the home care setting. Stand up patient lifts or stand assist lifts, allow patients to make transfers and daily activities easier and they help eliminate injury both to the caregiver and to the patient. Typically, stand up patient lifts provide patient support with knee/foot pads, back support and ergonomic handles. Stand up patient lifts are a great option for rehab or the transfer for weight bearing patients who need additional support. If you’re looking for a safe, efficient way to transfer the person in your care from one room or area to another, look no further, E Care Medical Supplies carries a large selection of hydraulic and electrical stand-up patient lifts from top manufacturers such as Invacare, Drive and more.

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  • The Rifton SoloLift is a mobile transfer device that opens up a world of new opportunities for clients with disabilities and prevents back injuries for their caregivers. Its unique design makes it possible for one caregiver to transfer even large clients to and from chairs wheelchairs beds gait trainers and the floor with zero lifting. It even makes transfers from a wheelchair into a forward-loading gait trainer virtually effortless. The Benefits . Capable of seated and sit-to-stand transfers from the floor wheelchair or bed. Swivels the client for transfer into a forward-loading gait trainer. Transfers in a natural sit-to-stand arc providing unprecedented comfort stability and dignity. Radically simplifies toileting through the unique Rifton SoloVest which lifts entirely from above the waist. Accommodates all clients up to 350 lbs. even those with no weight-bearing ability. Girth Sizing Dot. Reduces the risk of staff injuries and thus lowers insurance and turnover costs. Together with the adapter strap accessory the SoloVest can now be used with overhead tracking. SoloLift Mobility Transfer Device Includes 1. SoloVest Small - Included in the price. Note 1. SoloVest Medium Add 45.99 2. SoloVest Large Add 75.99

    By: Rifton
    Model #: R710
    Availability: Discontinued