Buy 21 Inches Day Dreamer Power Pillow Zero Gravity Lift Chair 375Lb Cap by Golden Technologies - Recliner Lift Chairs In Houston TX

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  • Recliner Lift Chair Description: 21" Day Dreamer Power Pillow Zero Gravity Lift Chair-375Lb Cap

    21 Inches Day Dreamer Power Pillow Zero Gravity Lift Chair 375Lb Cap in Houston TX by Golden Technologies - Recliner Lift Chairs For Sale

    Golden's DayDreamer featuring the exclusive PowerPillow provides the ultimate in position control.
    Recline back and adjust both your head and neck using the exclusive articulating head pillow.
    MaxiComfort combined with the PowerPillow offers maximum comfort options, all with the touch of a button.
    The DayDreamer is a medium sized lift recliner - and it is truly the world's first MaxiComfort lift chair with a PowerPillow!

    This beautiful Pub Electric Recliner Lift Chair is Available in:
    Hazelnut - No extra charge (see images below)
    Calypso - No extra charge (see images below)
    Shiraz - No extra charge (see images below)
    Coffee Bean Fabric (Brisa Fabric) - Extra charge $649.99 (see images below)

    Do you Want it in Leather?.... Read The Brisa Fablic Details Below
    Add an extra $649.99 for the Brisa Fabrics
    Brisa is an incredibly soft and luxurious faux leather fabric available on lift chairs exclusively from Golden Technologies.
    Brisa is the first polyurethane fabric designed with a unique ventilation system that enables it to breathe, keeping you cool and comfortable, no matter how long you use the chair.
    Brisa's subtle grain pattern is created through a natural process that simulates the supple surface of genuine leather.
    You can choose from a tasteful assortment of colors. Stain, scratch and blemish resistant.
    Clinically proven to be more resistant to temperature changes than vinyl and genuine leather.
    Superior comfort in all climate conditions-stays cooler than leather in warm weather conditions.
    Resists cold weather stiffening and cracking.
    Cleans effortlessly with soap and water.
    Lifts most stains with alcohol-based household cleaning solutions.
    Disinfects with a 5:1 bleach solution.

    Heat and Massage Option
    Add an extra $299.99 for the Deluxe Heat and Massage
    The most sophisticated heat and massage system is available on select models of Golden lift chairs!
    Experience this luxurious massage system featuring:.
    Dozens of massage settings covering two different massage zones: one across the lumbar (lower back area) and one in the seat.
    Four massage motors provide relief to stiff, tired and strained musclesDHVSummer2015.
    15 and 30 minute massage timers.
    Activate any of the massage zones while in Wave or Pulse massage settings.
    Independent adjustable massage intensity and speed settings.

    Relax with soothing low and high penetrating heat.
    Independent 30 minute heat timer.
    Soothe back muscles with our warming heat system.
    Low and high heat settings.

  • Recliner Lift Chair Specifications: 21" Day Dreamer Power Pillow Zero Gravity Lift Chair-375Lb Cap

    * Model Number PR-630
    * Size Medium
    * Weight Capacity 375 Lb
    * Recline Positions MaxiComfort
    * Standard Fabrics
    * Fabric Options
    * Chaise Seat YES
    * Coil Springs NO
    * Back Type Pillow
    * Head Rest Cover NO
    * Arm Covers NO
    * Battery Back Up YES
    * Overall Width 38"
    * Overall Height 44"
    * Width Between Arms 21"
    * Floor to Top of Seat 20.0"
    * Seat Depth 19.5"
    * Seat to Top of Back 28.5"
    * Distance Required from Wall Reclined 25.5"
    * Life Time Warranty, Chair Frame,
    * Lift Frame, Recline Mechanism YES
    * Warranty on Electrical Parts 3 Yrs
    * Pro Rated Years 4 Thru 7 YES
    * Warranty on Mechanical Labor 3 Yrs.
    * Warranty on Electrical Labor 1 Yr.
    * Removable Back Option Available NO
    * Smart Tek System Standard YES
    * Customizable NO
    * Left Hand Control Option Available NO
    * Extra Pocket Option Available NO
    * Heat & Massage Option Available NO
    * Foot Rest Extension Option Available NO
    * Straight Lift Option Available NO
    * User Height (suggested) 5'4" - 5'10".

  • More Information

    Maxi Comfort Lift Chair Video by Golden Technologies

    Additional Information
    1. Get the Owners Manual
    2. Get the Luxury Brisa Guide
    3. Get the Sell Sheet
    4. Get the Deluxe Heat and Massage
    5. Get the Golden Lift and Recliner Chair Brochure

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