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  • Knee Scooters Rental in Houston, TX
  • Model #: Nova-TKW-12
    Availability: Ready for Delivery
    Product Id # 10070004
    Minor Category ID # 1007
    Rental Price: $50.00
  • Knee Scooters Rental Rates

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    Call us for AvailabilityCall us for Availability$50.00$115.00

    *** Delivery and Installation for all of our rentals is available.
    ** Delivery fee applies (Calculated based on driving distance).
    The Delivery fee includes: delivery, set up, instructions on how to operate the equipment & pick up of equipment.

    Sundays, Holidays and After Hours Deliveries are Now Available!
    After Hours fee starts at $115 plus regular delivery fee.

    Call us for details: 713.695.4939
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  • Knee Scooters Rental Details

    Knee Scooter Rental Details
    1. Technician will deliver, set up, educate and demo the patient on how to use the medical equipment.
    2. Delivery fee includes equipment delivery, set up and equipment pick up
    3. Add an additional $10 to rent knee scooter basket

    This Knee Scooter Includes:
    1. Knee Scooter

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    Rental Disclaimer

    * All rental equipment remains the property of E Care Medical Supplies, LLC.

    * A major credit card is required for all rentals.

    * If the rental equipment is not returned or lost, you will be charged the MSRP amount for the equipment rental.

    * Equipment rentals can not be prorated, refunded or exchanged.

  • Knee Scooter Description

    Knee Scooters Rental in Houston, TX - Rent Knee Scooters

    The TKW-12 Nova Knee Cruiser or knee walker is the perfect mobility device for foot or ankle injuries. It can be a great long or short term alternative to crutches or folding walkers that can have adverse affects such as back or under arm pain from extended use.

    The Knee Cruiser allows the user to maintain an active and more independent lifestyle which will help them progress to a quicker recovery.

    The knee cruiser can be used for numerous indications including but not limited to; foot/ankle injuries, after/foot ankle surgery, diabetic patients with Charcot joint disease or foot/toe ulcers, neuromuscular problems, and arthritis.

    Foot and ankle injuries as well as numerous other uses.
    Stable and maneurverable steering assembly.
    Locking hand brake.
    Durable rubber handles.
    Oversized contoured padded platforms covered with a polyurethane material.
    Adjustable for right or left leg.
    8" Wheels
  • Knee Scooter Specifications

    * Overall Width (folded) 15"
    * Overall Width (unfolded) 18"
    * Height Adjustment 31" - 40.5"
    * Product Weight 25 lbs
    * Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • More Information

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