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  • Bed Rail Description: Stander Mobility Bed Rail with Pivoting Arm & Pockets

    Ster Mobility Bed Rail Pivoting Arm and Pockets in Houston TX by Stander - Bed Rails For Sale

    The Stander Bed Rail, Handle is a bed rail with two legs that extend to the floor in order to provide firm stability and allow for easy height adjustment.
    The Bed Support Rail includes a Stander Arm, which swings out to provide support while standing and assisting you in order to get you where you need to go.
    While not in use, the arm swings back inside the Mobility Rail Arm & Pocket Organizer, keeping it out of the way.
    The Stander Bed Rail, Handle includes anti-slip grips that firmly secure the rail in between the mattress and bed frame while the easy height adjustment of the bed support rail allows it to accommodate to any home or hospital bed.
    The Mobility Rail Arm & Pocket Organizer comes ready to install and does not require any tools to set up.
    For comfort and convenience, the Stander Bed Rail, Handle is cushioned to allow for easy movement in and out of bed. No tools required.

  • Bed Rail Specifications: Stander Mobility Bed Rail with Pivoting Arm & Pockets

    * Swing Out Mobility Arm-Pivots outward to provide improved walking stability
    * Extendable legs-Provides added stability when standing up
    * Ergonomic cushion handle: Allows for easy transfer in & out of bed
    * 4-Pocket organizer-provides storage space for handy items
    * Anti-slip grips-Secures rail in-between mattress & bed frame
    * Height adjustment accommodates any home or hospital bed
    * Easy installation-installs in seconds w/no tools required
    * Rail width: 18"
    * Wt. cap: 300lbs.
    * Unit weight: 10.5lbs.
    * Made of steel
    * Ht. adj. from floor to top of handle: 31"-44"
    * Ht. adj. from mattress base to top of handle: 17.5"-22.5"

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