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  • Bed Tabl Description: Pivot & Tilt Overbed Table

    Pivot and Tilt Overbed Table in Houston TX by Drive Medical - Bed Tables For Sale

    The mast of the table pivots and can be locked in one of the three positions from flat on the floor to 90 degrees.
    New and improved larger tubing.
    The pivot feature allows the table top to be positioned closer to individuals in a bed, sitting in a wheelchair, or folded for storage.
    The tabletop tilts with the angle of the mast to provide a flat surface regardless of the angle of the mast.
    Four 2" casters (two locking).
    Only wheels have to be installed.

  • Bed Tabl Specifications: Pivot & Tilt Overbed Table


    Tabletop Adjustment28" - 37"
    Tabletop Surface Dimensions15.75"(D) X 23.5"(W)
    Overall Dimension at Base25"(W) X 28"(D)
    Weight21 lbs.
    Weight Limit40 lbs.
    WarrantyLimited Lifetime

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