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  • Cushion Description: Kabooti Seat Cushion 3 in 1

    Kabooti Seat Cushion 3 in 1 in Houston TX by Contour Products, Inc. - Cushions For Sale

    Specialty Seat Cusion with Coccyx cut out Kabooti.

    The Donut Cushion With a Coccyx Cut Out.

    Comfort sore and sensitive areas with this innovative new seat cushion! The Kabooti ring cushion provides a complete solution to seating by combining the best features and benefits of a ring shaped donut cushion, coccyx cushion and a traditional seating wedge.
    The innovative design is completely re-invented ergonomic design you won't find anywhere else.
    Whether you need a donut cushion or a coccyx cushion for medical reasons or improved comfort, or a superior seat cushion which can provide all-day comfort, this is a great choice..

    The Kabooti provides a complete solution to seating by combining the best features and benefits of a donut ring cushion, a coccyx cushion and seating wedge.
    The completely reinvented ergonomic design is ideal for use almost anywhere you sit.
    Includes a 2-way stretch fabric cover that discreetly covers the many features of this cushion - only you will know!.

    3 Cushions in One: Donut Ring | Coccyx Cushion | Seating Wedge.
    Innovative lobes improve seating balance over regular donut cushion design.
    Center oval cut-out provides relief for medical conditions and comfort for hemmorhoids and recent surgery.
    Large Coccyx cutout reduces tail bone pressure and provides comfort during prolonged sitting.
    Constructed of one-piece molded support foam - designed to provide optimum support while remaining comfortable.
    Tapered front edge reduces pressure points underneath thighs and easily accommodates table, desk and driving positions.
    Includes a stretch fabric cover which removes and is machine washable.

  • Cushion Specifications: Kabooti Seat Cushion 3 in 1

    * Dimensions: 17.5" wide x 13.5" deep
    * 3.25" high tapering to 1.5"
    * Coccyx Cutout: 3" wide
    * Donut Ring Cutout: 7.5" wide x 3" deep
    * Product Dimensions: 17.2 x 13.8 x 3 inches
    * Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

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