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  • Lightweight Go-Go Ultra X Power Scooter 4-Wheel-260 Lbs Cap. in Houston TX by Pride Mobility
  • Model #: S44X
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  • Mobility Power Scooter Description

    Lightweight Go-Go Ultra X Power Scooter 4-Wheel-260 Lbs Cap. in Houston TX by Pride Mobility - Mobility Power Scooters For Sale

    The Go-Go Ultra X electric power scooter is a lightweight ride suitable for travel on well-groomed paths and paved surfaces.
    Easy to break down into five separate lightweight sections for transportation and storage with the heaviest piece weighing only 33 lbs.
    Equipped with convenient features such as a drop-in battery box, basket and flat-free tires for worry-free transportation of personal items.

    This budget-minded model has a carrying capacity of 260 lbs and it's capable of speeds over 4 MPH.
    A single battery charge will keep you moving for up to 8 miles. This scooter also features the convenient option of on or off-board charging.
    This 4-wheeled model is more stable than its 3-wheeled counterpart.
    E Care Medial Supplies recommends the Go-Go Ultra X as an excellent choice for users looking for the reliability and quality that comes standard in every Pride product.

    Top Speed: 4.25 Mph.
    Drive Range: 8.00 Miles.
    Heaviest Piece: 33.5 Lbs.
    Weight Capacity: 260 Lbs.
    Weight: 97 Lbs.
    Get Free Assembly:
    One of our certified technicians will assembly your new mobility power scooter for free when you pick it up from our store in Fulton St. or when it is delivered to your home.

  • Mobility Power Scooter Specifications

    * Model: Go Go Ultra X 4 wheel
    * Model Number: SC44X
    * Front Tires: 2" x 7" Solid
    * Rear Tires: 2.5" x 8" Solid
    * Maximum Speed: *Up to 4 mph
    * Ground Clearance: 2" at midframe
    * Turning Radius: **44"
    * Overall Length: ** 39.75"
    * Overall Width of Base: ** 19.5"
    * Seat-to-Ground Height Range: 18.13"-20.13"
    * Seat Type: Compact, Foldable (17"x17")
    * Weight: **78.5 lbs
    * Seat-to-Deck Height Range: 15.75"-17.25"
    * Battery Weight: 9 lbs. each (Battery pack is 18 lbs. with 12AH batteries.)
    * Battery Requirements: (2)12AH
    * Maximum Range Per Charge: *Up to 8 miles
    * Battery Charger: Off-board, 2A
    * Maximum Weight Capacity: 260 lbs
    * Standard Body Colors: Red
    * Weight of Heaviest Piece: **34 lbs (Front Section).
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  • Warranty

    * 3-year limited warranty on frame, seat frame
    * 1-year limited warranty on electronic components, drivetrain
    * Six month warranty on batteries