Buy Lite Rider Portable Power Scooter 3 Wheel 300 Lbs Cap by Golden Technologies - Mobility Power Scooters In Houston TX

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  • Mobility Power Scooter Description: Lite Rider Portable Power Scooter 3-Wheel-300 Lbs Cap

    Lite Rider Portable Power Scooter 3 Wheel 300 Lbs Cap in Houston TX by Golden Technologies - Mobility Power Scooters For Sale

    Medium Portable Scooters.

    The three-wheel LiteRider scooter from Golden features better range, a Delta Tiller standard, more attractive styling and more vibrant colors.

    A modern tubular frame design supports its 300 lb. weight capacity, and its completely wireless disassembly makes transporting a breeze.
    The LiteRider GL-110's 9-inch, black low-profile tires are mounted on high-strength steel rims with shiny hubcaps.
    Its plush, deep-black vinyl stadium style seat comes with adjustable armrests and a full 360-degree swivel mechanism for getting on and off the scooter easily.

    You will also appreciate our two storage baskets, one on the tiller and one under the seat, which also includes dual bottle holders (these standard features are unique to Golden).

    A true beauty, the LiteRider scooter is available in gorgeous, deep shades of red and blue.

    Top Speed: 5.00 Mph.
    Drive Range: 12.0 Miles.
    Heaviest Piece: 44 Lbs.
    Weight Capacity: 300 Lbs.
    Weight: 121 Lbs.
    Quick and easy wireless disassembly.
    Delta tiller (included) - great for those with limited hand dexterity.
    Comes standard with underseat and front baskets for increased carrying capacity.
    Now with 22 AH batteries.
    Get Free Assembly:
    One of our certified technicians will assembly your new mobility power scooter for free when you pick it up from our store in Fulton St. or when it is delivered to your home.

  • Mobility Power Scooter Specifications: Lite Rider Portable Power Scooter 3-Wheel-300 Lbs Cap

    * 3 Wheels
    * 300 lb. Weight Capacity
    * Delta Tiller
    * Adjustable Tiller
    * Backlit Battery Gauge
    * Easy To Read Control Panel
    * Two Storage Baskets
    * Comfortable 17"x16" Stadium Style Seat
    * Adjustable Armrests
    * Bigger Batteries!
    * Completely Wireless Disassembly
    * 9" Front and Rear Tires
    * Low-profile, Black Tires on High-Strength Steel Rims with Stylish Wheel Covers
    * Model Number: GL110.

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